Coronavirus Covid-19 : What To Do And What To Learn From It

What to make of Covid-19 and what to learn from Covid-19 today.
Anyway, what Covid-19 attempting to let us know?

Coronavirus Covid-19 : What To Do And What To Learn From It

First of all, read this and pray to Allah that Allah will keep us safe from such trials. Ameen!

Is it anything less than the  “judgment day”?
A French doctor interviewing the channel “Tv5” said:
Today was a time when I felt like I was suffering from “severe discomfort”.
It happened that one of the “Corona” patients requested us the last time that he wanted to meet his children for the last time. At first, we refused. But when he started crying badly, we felt sorry for him and we decided to obey him. So we were particularly busy cleaning the place, so there was no danger to the patient’s family. Then “as a doctor” when we were convinced that “they” could now come without worry, we called “his family” to fulfill the “last wish” of the last breath of death. What.
But it is with great sadness that the family of the patient refused to meet the father for the last time, saying that he may not have the virus.
We appealed to them and assured them that we have taken precautions and there is no danger to you but they did not accept and cut the phone.
Allaah says in the Holy Qur’an:
This is the day when a man will run away from his brother, parents, his wife, and children.

May Allah bless us.


No different infection, war, catastrophic event or other comparative issue has for quite some time had the option to pull in the consideration of Collective in such an incredible way. The inquiry that actually should be tended to is the unpredictability (in light of the fact that there are such huge numbers of things we are hiding away from plain view). In any case, isn’t it astounding that we are compelled to back off, remain at home, and (ideally) ponder what’s significant, what’s important, and worth living? Truth be told, we are genuinely passing up a major opportunity here on the off chance that we burn through this valuable time viewing charming minutes and posting idiotic recordings on Facebook as opposed to concentrating on the main thing.

We are totally associated (also called “the exercise of solidarity”).

In the event that we ever need evidence that we are completely associated and that all that we contact (truly and figuratively) is associated with everything, we have it now. At last (and ideally) an incredible truth has come to us: we can never again “pee” toward one side of the pool and swim to the opposite end imagining that our foulness isn’t gotten. Will With us we as a whole swim in a similar pool and all that we do right now back to us. In that capacity, moving “messy” creation out of Europe to China (and this is one of a great many instances of withdrawal) can’t and ought not to serve Europe (or some other landmass right now). Since badgering unavoidably restores, the spread of the infection is turning out to be increasingly evident. Adventitiously, it isn’t striking that a circumstance that requests social confinement (i.e., partition) really upgrades the inclination that we are totally associated with, that we are all (and everything else). ) I am as one!

The ideal opportunity for reestablishment has shown up

The old structure should be separated so we can begin the update (ideally with minimal new assets, in spite of the little assets). By all accounts, it isn’t unintentional that the infection has so far fundamentally focused on the lives of more established individuals in one, two, or more past cases, that is, the individuals who kicked the bucket some time prior. Shouldn’t have been for fake methods for expanding life. Yet, fake life-sparing assets are presently running out (no breathing machines, no clinical staff, or other gear). Accordingly, we should reconsider life-sparing innovations that have driven numerous to get needy and, therefore, have surrendered their own wellbeing obligations. Shouldn’t something be said about concentrating on infection avoidance designs rather (when the episode closes): good dieting, work out, reflection, and so on. What number of People Will Have Heart Disease and Diabetes (There are two propelled conditions that go inseparably with the demise of the Coronavirus) if there were no lousy nourishment or present-day stress?

Assuage passing by tallying each snapshot of your life

Demise in itself isn’t a disaster. Or maybe, a lost life is a disaster. An individual who lives sincerely has contributed genuinely to himself and society and has kept up quality connections throughout his life, he has no second thoughts. This sort of individual is prepared to pass on whenever and with delight. Be that individual yourself. Audit your needs and begin investing in energy insignificant things. Disregard it. Begin to feel that you are associated with all other people. Feel all the more sympathetic and less lenient. Quit carrying on with an agonizing life, and your demise won’t be tormented. The two of them can celebrate.

So these are a portion of the messages I think we have to hear at this moment. Without a doubt. , There are a lot more things to remember and more will be uncovered during this experience. So we should be adaptable, watch cautiously (ask consideration), pose keen inquiries, and keep on searching for answers inside. That way we are truly exploiting our gear. Some other conduct, (for example, defenselessness, dissatisfaction, outrage, and trusting that this will fly so things can return to “ordinary”) is transitory. We need an adjustment in awareness (to supplant the infection) and in the event that we oppose it, the infection will remain.

May Allah protect us from all pandemic diseases. 
Take great care of yourself and your family.
Allah Hafiz & Good Bye.

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