Quick Ways To Lose Weight

Quick Ways To Lose Weight

There are many quick ways to lose weight. On this page I’ll go over some fad diets and gimmicks, quick weight loss ideas like fasting to lose weight, and the pros and cons of quick ways to lose weight, including workouts like running to lose weight.

Keep in mind these are popular weight-loss diets or gimmicks, but most do work, at least in the short term. Many people have success with these diets or gimmicks, but only in the short term. If you feel one of these diets may be for you, by all means, go for it, however, for sustained weight loss, I hate to say it, but you’ll need to make a lifestyle change and embrace the best ways to lose weight. Having said that, here are some quick ways to lose weight…

Xenadrine, Hydroxycut, TrimSpa, and other Fat Burners

Fat burners like Xenadrine, Hydroxycut, Trimspa, and even green tea fat burners are very popular for quick ways to lose weight. This is because they are easy to take, and some people get results. In fact, before 2009, these products were rather effective. However, this was because they contained the ingredient ephedra. Ephedra (also known as Ma Huang), similar to caffeine, is a stimulant and a thermogenic. Stimulants will increase the heart rate, constrict the blood vessels, and increase the blood pressure. Thermogenics are known to increase metabolism.
In 2009, the government banned the use of ephedra in these supplements, and companies that produced fat burners were forced to exclude ephedra and alter their ingredients. Now, their ingredients are primarily caffeine and caffeine-based. They include a ton of ingredients designed to compensate for the loss of the magic ingredient ephedra. For example…

The active ingredients in Hydroxycut Max are: green tea extract, caffeine anhydrous, xanthinol nicotinate, yohimbine HCI, black tea extract, wu long tea extract, rooibos tea extract, Cissus quadrangularis extract, soy isoflavones, rosehip powder, hibiscus extract, garcinia Cambogia extract, L-lysine HCI, diacylglycerol, dandelion powder, juniper powder, Terminalia chebula powder, angelica Heiskell powder, mangosteen extract, chaste extract, citrus peel, soy phospholipids, raspberry extract, and policosanol. The inactive ingredients include sesame oil, gelatin, FD&C; Red No. 40, caramel color (may contain sulfites and wheat), polysorbate 80, ink (shellac, dehydrated alcohol, isopropyl alcohol, butyl alcohol, propylene glycol, sodium hydroxide, povidone, titanium dioxide).

That list is ridiculous! Even with ephedra, studies have shown that fat burners are effective for about 2 lbs. a month.

I have never taken a fat burner, but have taken a similar product called NO Explode. It is a workout enhancer that contains caffeine and nitrogen oxide. The nitrogen oxide dilates blood vessels and enhances the workout by providing a great pump. I loved the muscle pump I got from this product, but the caffeine rush made me feel like my heart was going to explode, and this scared me to the point where I stopped taking it. If you feel fat burners are for you, go for it. But keep in mind there’s no magic pill to lose weight (unless you take anabolic steroids), and the caffeine rush you’ll get might just scare you away.

Here are some more quick ways to lose weight…

The Cookie Diet

I remember this one being popular a few years ago, and yes, to no surprise, the company that sold the Cookie Diet filed for bankruptcy in 2008. It was based on eating several pre-made cookies throughout the day to control hunger, suppress the appetite, and fulfill the desire for “regular” food while dieting. The cookies supposedly contained a healthy mix of protein to provide quality nutrition while still allowing people to eat like a pig. What was thought to be one of the best, quick ways to lose weight, turned out to be just another gimmick.

The Blood Type Diet

The basis of the blood type diet is that we should diet and exercise based on our blood type. There are a few different blood types that have evolved and, according to the creator of the diet, we must eat and diet according to the evolutionary diet and lifestyle habits of these ancestors. This is one of the quick ways to lose weight showcased in a more theoretical package.
After reading more about this diet, not only is there a lot of overlap among the foods that each type can eat, but this diet seems complicated and just ridiculous. For example, it suggests type A blood type people exercises include primarily yoga, tai chi, and meditation and breathing exercises. I happen to type A blood, and if I only did these exercises, I would be fat and out of shape, BUT, I would have great peace of mind. This diet is a classic example of overcomplicating diet and fitness and providing people unnecessary information.

The Cabbage Soup Diet

This popular fad diet is designed to help people lose 10 lbs. in 7 days. No wonder it was so popular as one of the quick ways to lose weight. Here is the schedule…

Day 1: Cabbage soup and as much fruit as you want, excluding bananas.
Day 2: Cabbage soup and as many vegetables as you want, including a baked potato for dinner.
Day 3: Cabbage soup and fruits and vegetables. No bananas or baked potato.
Day 4: Cabbage soup and as much skim milk and bananas as you want (but no more than 8 bananas).
Day 5: Cabbage soup and 10-20 ounces of beef and up to 6 tomatoes. Drink 6-8 glasses of water.
Day 6: Cabbage soup and as much beef and vegetables as you want. No baked potato.
Day 7: Cabbage soup and as much brown rice and vegetables as you want.

Not exclusively is this timetable confused, however, the formula for the cabbage soup is entangled too. Sure you may lose weight during the 7 days, yet it will generally be water weight and you’ll likely restore it inside possibly 14 days. I have a simpler arrangement to lose water weight for seven days that is less confounded: cut your calories down the middle and drink a great deal of espresso (a characteristic diuretic). That is it.

All the more quick ways to lose weight…

The Shake Weight

An exemplary case of a weight-misfortune trick. The Shake Weight is an extremely famous wellness extra that resembles a dumbell. The furthest edges of the dumbell are weighted to give obstruction. The handle bit contains springs at either end. Promotions for the Shakeweight show fit individuals truly shaking the dumbell to give obstruction. My better half and I purchased the Shake Weight, more in light of interest than supposing it would support our exercises. It accompanies an “exercise DVD,” too. They do ordinary activities like overhead tricep expansions, twists, and overhead shoulder presses.

It is extremely unlikely anybody could lose noteworthy weight by utilizing this thing. Weight misfortune exercises should be extreme, and this thing won’t get close exceptional. Utilizing truly fit individuals with a basic exercise embellishment has been utilized commonly previously, yet it’s only stupid to figure this would shed the pounds.

Electronic Ab Stimulators

Electonic stomach muscle stimulators like the adaptable (flexbelt.com) are a great exercise/weight misfortune contrivance as one of the quick ways to lose weight. If you go to their site, they’ll demonstrate to you how “simple” it very well may be to lose weight by lashing on this belt and turning it on. You won’t lose weight with this item!

Your abs will get invigorated and contract, however, muscle constriction without anyone else won’t shed the pounds. Just eating routine and predictable exercise cause you to lose weight. There are genuine and useful advantages to electric muscle stimulators yet they are restricted to physical specialists and chiropractors who need to invigorate patient’s muscles for recovery purposes or aggressive weight lifters who might need to get an additional siphon after an exercise.

Some progressively quick ways to lose weight…

Atkins Diet, South Beach Diet, Zone Diet

I like the Atkins, South Beach, and Zone eats fewer carbs because they all help high protein, low carb ways of life. I’m a firm devotee to the high protein, low carb eats less because they work! Both Bob and I went on the high protein, low carb eats fewer carbs which helped him lose more than 90 lbs., and me 20 lbs.

The issue I have with these eating regimens is they’re too convoluted. We are for the most part occupied, and the exact opposite thing you ought to need to do is to check calories or sort out a week after week or everyday diet plan.

For instance…

As indicated by the Zone Diet, you should: Always eat inside one hour after waking. Eat at any rate three suppers, and two snacks every day.

A Zone dinner should give you 4-5 hours in the Zone, a Zone nibble 2-2.5 hours. You should eat each 4-5 hours after supper or 2-2.5 hours after a tidbit, regardless of whether you are ravenous or not, to remain in the Zone. Truth be told, the best time to eat is the point at which you are not ravenous. That implies your insulin levels are settled.

Absence of craving and clear mental center are incredible indicators that you are in the Zone. Before each feast and tidbit always evaluate your yearning and mental core interest.

Each supper and bite begins with low-fat protein in addition to sugars (eat progressively verdant green vegetables and products of the soil pasta, bread, grains, and starches) and remembers “great” fats (for example olive oil).

Run of the mill serving size of low-fat protein fits in the palm of your hand and is no thicker than your hand. For most females, this is 3 ounces of low-fat protein, and for guys, this equivalents 4 ounces of low-fat protein. A common bite contains 1 ounce of protein for the two people. From the start, a kitchen scale is useful to gauge the protein parcel. You can before long eyeball these sums at home, in eateries and inexpensive food take-outs.”

I like to keep diet and wellness as basic as could reasonably be expected. We ought not to be estimating whether a bit of meat will fit in the palm of our hand! This fair confuses abstaining from excessive food intake and, as I would see it, makes it too quite a bit of a task and more outlandish we’ll stay with it.

Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem

Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem are popular diet programs. They provide premade/prepackaged foods for you, and you just eat. I like the concept of these programs because they are simple. You just pay a fee and they provide you with the food and nutrients you need.

The problem with these programs is that they are expensive over the long-term and prepackaged foods generally contain unhealthy added salts and sugars. Also, some people do not like prepackaged foods and prefer making their food or other fresh alternatives.

Over a long time, these programs fall out of favor with people. I have known many people who have used these programs with success in the short term, but over time, they stopped eating the foods either because of boredom with the variety or because it became too expensive. Ultimately these people ended up gaining some if not most of the weight back.

Some more quick ways to lose weight…

Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers has been around for a long time, with a lot of success. While Weight Watchers is not typically considered one of the quick ways to lose weight, it is effective.

Weight Watchers is based on the concept of targeting your “points” allowance each week. Different foods are given points for their calories, fat, and fiber content. The goal is to stay within your allowed points, and over time, achieve your weight loss goals.
Weight Watchers offers a good network of assistance in the form of weekly meetings, or online support. Their dedication to education in the form of weekly meetings, food information, and health and fitness coaching is extensive and of real value to their members. A big reason why they have success and why almost everyone you know either has tried or know someone who tried Weight Watchers, is due to the education and support they provide.

Many people have tried Weight Watchers, lost weight, gained it back, and quit. Others have tried Weight Watchers, made a lifestyle change, and kept the weight off. Of all the diets, and diet programs available, Weight Watchers is one of the best, but like all diets, until you make the transition to a lifestyle change, you likely keep on the unnecessary weight.

I hope you find this article helpful and don’t forget to share it with your friends and family. 
Thank You and have a SMART look.
Allah Hafiz & Good Bye.

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