How Do I Lose Weight? The Two Biggest Lies

How Do I Lose Weight? The Two Biggest Lies

How do I lose weight? This is likely one of the most well-known questions in our society. Weight misfortune, diets, and fitness are both famous and confusing issues. Confusing, generally because there is a huge amount of information available. Some of it is great, some of it awful. Some of it a misuse of your time, and some of it a word of wisdom. 

I need to discuss two of what I consider to be the biggest lies of the weight misfortune industry. For different reasons, the forces that lecture these ideas, however, if you need to lose weight you might be in an ideal situation ignoring this “conventional wisdom”. 

I consider the two biggest lies of the weight misfortune industry the obsession with counting calories and the obsession with exercise. When you ask yourself, how do I lose weight? consistently remember these. 

The Obsession With Exercise 

It might appear to be odd that I think there is a misinformed public concerning losing weight through exercise. All things considered, my website is, yet actually, you don’t NEED exercise to lose weight. 

You need exercise to quicken weight misfortune, to improve the impacts of a decent diet, to get healthier, and to feel good. However, you don’t need exercise to lose weight. You can begin to see now that how do I lose weight? can be a complicated question. 

Most specialists advance exercise when somebody is dieting since exercise will complement your weight misfortune if you are sticking to a decent diet. However, if you have a decent diet, you’ll lose weight paying little heed to whether you’re working out. Numerous individuals I realize who have shed pounds, even a significant measure of weight, have done so without exercise. In many cases, these individuals rolled out simple improvements to their diet, like eating less low-quality nourishment or inexpensive food, and lost a great deal of weight. 

Think about it. The most outrageous weight misfortune model is anorexics. Assuming they don’t work out, they have a dramatic and outrageous fasting diet. They eat little to no nourishment. And…it works. Cutting calories is one of the best techniques for losing weight. Sadly, anorexics do it to an outrageous, yet you get the point. 

Indeed, exercise is extraordinary, fantastic, fun, and beneficial. I made this entire website around exercises and fitness 

programs since I believe exercise can dramatically improve our lives, however, to believe that it is the ONLY way you will lose weight is silly. 

If you need to lose weight, simply cut your calorie intake and eat healthier nourishments like more vegetables and less perplexing carbs. If you need to lose weight FASTER and show signs of improvement in general wellbeing, add an exercise program to your diet. 

How Do I Lose Weight? The Two Biggest Lies

The Obsession With Calorie Counting 

It never fails, at whatever point somebody begins telling me that they are going to begin a diet or they ask themselves “how do I lose weight?”, they quite often enlighten me regarding an application or website that tracks their calorie intake. Besides, practically every one of these individuals either gives up on their diet within a couple of brief weeks or they get so worn out counting and tracking each sustenance, each calorie, each little thing they put in their mouth that they get so baffled and quit. 

When you tally calories I believe the original reason for existing is benevolent: to assess what you are eating and teach yourself about what sustenances you ought to and ought not to be eating. 
If you have the patience to stick with such a regimented lifestyle for half an incredible month, however, chances are you’ll presumably lose patience with an absence of quick outcomes or get so baffled at the steady calorie counting that you’ll in the long run simply give up by and large. 
No joke, ALL the individuals I realize who have joined Weight Watchers have in the end dropped the program. They have disclosed to me they dropped it since they expected outcomes quicker, or just progressed toward becoming worn-out counting points or Weight Watchers version of counting calories. 
I genuinely believe in the “KISS” (keep it simple stupid, or keep it stupid simple) technique to life. When you tally calories you include ANOTHER obligation in your life. We are generally occupied with obligations to work, family, and friends. There is no compelling reason to include another obligation in the type of stressing over each sustenance and calorie you eat. Weight misfortune and dieting are difficult yet it sounds good to me to make it as simple as could be allowed, not as difficult as would be prudent. 
How do I lose weight? As opposed to counting calories keep it simple. Keep a nourishment diary instead. Document what you eat, only one out of every odd calorie, for a couple of days seven days. When you get an opportunity, assess the different nourishments you eat, when you eat and search for negative behavior patterns. For instance, I would regularly eat inexpensive food, especially previously or after work because of convenience. I would snatch something at a drive-through and simply eat it on my approach to work or from work. 
I found that if I gave myself only ten additional minutes in the morning, I could make a quick, sound sandwich that I could eat on my approach to work as opposed eat an undesirable, calorie and a sodium-filled breakfast sandwich from a cheap food place. Besides, take another 5 or 10 minutes in the morning to pack a solid sandwich that I could eat on my route home from work. You get the point. Utilize a sustenance diary to help assess your eating habits and make the right changes. 

Some more musings on how do I lose weight… 

I think calorie counting could nearly be utilized as a support or a reason for individuals to use to lose weight. When you remove the concentration from counting calories and spot it on YOU you’ll have more achievement. For instance, we as a whole recognize what nourishments we ought to eat lose weight. Keep in mind the expression -for getting healthy, the kind of food you eat is everything? We took in this expression when we were kids, yet somehow overlooked how evident it is. 

By placing accountability onto yourself and not on a calorie counting application, website, or weight misfortune program you’ll assume greater liability and have more achievement. 

I have friends who utilized a simple technique to lose weight. They quit drinking soda pops like Coke, Pepsi, Mountain Dew, and so forth. They committed to this technique for half a month. Their commitment snowballed and in the end, they quit eating cheap food, by and large, changed their habits and began cooking sound dinners all the more regularly. Over a year later, they still haven’t had soda pop in more than 13 months furthermore, have lost a significant measure of weight. 

A colleague of mine lost over 50lbs. I asked him how he did it. He simply disclosed to me he began eating better and cut back on the sum he was eating. He didn’t depend on a calorie-counting framework, he did it himself with a simple arrangement. 

If no doubt about it “how do I lose weight?” simply remember that sometimes the most simple arrangement can have the best outcomes.
I hope you find this article helpful and don’t forget to share it with your friends and family. 
Thank You and have a smart & healthy look.
Allah Hafiz & Good Bye.

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