Can Women Gain Too Much Muscle Lifting Weights?

Can Women Gain Too Much Muscle Lifting Weights?

Can women gain too much muscle lifting weights is a question I get all the time? I encourage moderate to heavyweight training too so the question comes up even more frequently. The more weight you use when lifting weights the faster you build muscle, thus the faster you lose weight. Although lightweight training has its role, for faster weight loss, you need to build muscle fast, and lifting heavier weights will accomplish this goal.

Three Reasons Why You shouldn’t Worry About Getting Too Muscular…

  • Natural Testosterone

In college, I had an acquaintance at the gym. I would run into her every so often and on many occasions, after our workouts, we would just chat. She was a competitive bodybuilder. Many times we would discuss her workouts and preparations for an upcoming contest. I remember her telling me how competitive it is and difficult it could be to even place in the top 5 in a contest. She came to the conclusion that in order to get
a competitive advantage she had to use steroids. I’ll spare you the details of her steroid use, but I remember her saying that its virtually impossible for women to get too muscular due to their natural lack of testosterone.

Of course, there are many “natural” women who have achieved muscular bodies through hard work and diet, but to reach this level takes many years and is more of an anomaly than commonplace. Just like men, I’ve always thought, if you see an overly muscular person. Someone who turns heads and drops your jaw, there is a good likelihood they are juicing (trust me, I’ve been down that road). It’s practically impossible for men, and especially women to achieve the appearance of too muscular simply due to their lack of natural testosterone. The picture below is simply unachievable without a little “help.”

Can Women Gain Too Much Muscle Lifting Weights?

  • Time

It takes years for natural bodybuilding men to reach the level where they can compete. For women, this takes even longer or is simply nonexistent. A natural women’s bodybuilding competition is now called a fitness competition because of the lack of steroids results in above-average muscularity, not eye-popping, unnatural women who look like
men. The point I’m making is to not worry about getting too muscular. It simply won’t happen. You’ll gain muscle and tone up, but you won’t get disgustingly large muscles because if you were to train without the use of steroids, this would take years and probably never happen anyway.

  • You Can Choose Less Weight

I will always recommend moderate to heavier weights when weight training, simply because you get results faster.
However, if you notice your body getting too muscular you can always reduce the amount of weight you use, or take a break from weight training. This is actually more productive because if you train with too much weight all the time, your body will adapt and stop responding to those workouts. Adding variety in the form of less weight
and more reps will stimulate your muscles to “readapt” to a new workout and still give you results.

So if you’re worried can women gain too much muscle lifting weights? Stop worrying about it and continue your workouts. You will not get too muscular through weight training, you’ll tone up. It takes years and years of heavy lifting, protein shakes, creatine, and other supplements and maybe even steroids to become too muscular.

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Thank You and have a smart & healthy look.
Allah Hafiz & Good Bye.

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