Why are we celebrating independence day 14 August?

14th August might be a standard date of the English schedule for whatever is left of the world, however, it holds gigantic significance in the life of each, as it is the Independence Day of our adored nation Pakistan. 14th August 1947 is considered as the most noteworthy day ever of, as it denotes the Independence Day of our nation. 
Being the Independence Day of our nation, 14th August has an awesome noteworthiness ever off. To pay tribute to the penances of our pioneers and individuals, and to praise the freedom of Pakistan, 14th August is commended each year with an extraordinary energy. The Independence Day is commended with bliss and delight to demonstrate our satisfaction of being autonomous on the guide of the world. The entire country of Pakistan praises the Independence Day to express gratitude toward Allah for giving us isolate country where we can spend our lives as per lessons of Islam. 

Give me a chance to stop here to address myself, 

-is it accurate to say that we are following Islam and Islamic morals? 

-do we consider our beautiful nation Pakistan? 

-Is it true that we are devoted, prompt, not influencing? 

There are such a significant number of things to ask our self and I am certain we will find a 100 % remedy solution so consider it. 

An open occasion is seen on the Independence Day of Pakistan. All legislative, non-administrative workplaces, associations, instructive foundations, post workplaces, and significant markets are shut so individuals can have a free day work to appreciate the 14th August. 
Once more, I should stop here to say in regards to the occasion as we are extremely enamored with occasions. 
we would prefer not to work, dependably think, how to leave my office before office timing, coming late .so the administration should consider to limit the occasions and demonstrate the expression of our pioneer Muhammad Ali Jinnah,

” Work, work and more work” 

On the colossal Independence Day, the national banner of Pakistan is raised on people in general, private structures and living arrangements, and landmarks at first light. Official Government structures including Parliament House are beautified wonderfully to watch the genuine soul of 14th August.

On this exceptional event of Independence Day, the Prime Minister and President of Pakistan deliver the country to compliment them

and to feature the importance of the Independence Day. Not just the enormous business structures are beautified with wonderful and bright lighting impacts, yet boulevards and houses are likewise brightened with candles, oil lights, banners, and flags to commend the Independence Day. Numerous huge capacities and shows are additionally masterminded where firecracker demonstrates are likewise assembled on the eve of Independence Day for festivity. 
While the general population of Pakistan cheers the Independence Day through festivals and firecrackers, they additionally pay reverence to individuals who dedicated their lives for Pakistan’s flexibility development and made penances to achieve a different autonomous nation. On the national landmarks, extraordinary processions have been masterminded on the Independence Day. 

I wish to all my respectable perusers and associates an exceptionally glad Independence Day, as it is an event to advance patriotism and national solidarity. 

Pakistan Zindabad Long Live Pakistan! Ameen

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