AS the 14th August, is our INDEPENDENCE DAY and it implies multi-day when we had got freedom from our savage rulers as well as freedom from mortification. On this day we got our own character and our own valves. Pakistan appeared in 1947 as a sovereign state. 14th August is multi-day when the endeavors of our national legends are valued and celebrated and multi-day when we get our name and regard. Being Muslims, we have our own qualities, conventions, and religion. We Muslims commend this day with finish fulfillment and delight of being in a different area where we appreciate the freedom of living all around. Pakistan is an equitable parliamentary government Islamic republic state. Pakistan has its four territories, Punjab, Sindh, Baluchistan, and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. 

In any case, there was no such thing before August. It was such a peculiar perception. No one even recollected some days back that they cherish their nation and that they live in it. Be that as it may, as the month continued everybody was awakening to the news of freedom. I regularly ponder what sort of a country would we say we are, precisely? That is to say, whatever is left of the year we do what we need with our nation, we couldn’t care less about its tidiness, we couldn’t care less about its excellence, we’re not irritated when we toss wrappers on the streets, we don’t think even once when we throw the junk out of our homes. Truth be told, ordinarily, I have seen individuals notwithstanding saying that this nation does not merit living any longer due to the expanding expansion and, obviously, the desi culture. The vast majority of the general population who can bear the cost of it, go to outside nations for an excursion, regardless of the way that our own nation additionally has picturesque magnificence, a lot of which is far and away superior to numerous different spots. The fact of the matter is: the place does the patriotism (the one of 14th August) vanish at those circumstances? For what reason is our patriotism limited to 14th August? 

The level of defilement is expanding every day. Each individual thinks how to end up a tycoon in easy route strategy. 

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The virtue of everything has gone to bed condition empowering people groups enjoying risky infections like strain, hypertension, circulatory strain, sugar, tumor and so on. 

simply need to state that it is extremely pitiful that our age of today doesn’t think about the battle our predecessors experienced to accomplish this place. Truth be told, they, all the more most likely, are not in any case inspired by discovering. All that they know is that they need to have a great time, a much as could be expected under the circumstances, by sprucing up, designing themselves, wandering outside, doing wheeling, yelling, shouting and notwithstanding manhandling on the streets, playing noisy music in their autos and moving. What’s more, thusly, consistently the day closes with battles out and about, various mischances, dead bikers, a few episodes of female provocation, and an endless torment and distress of those guardians who lose their children to biking. Furthermore, it happens each year. 

It’s an ideal opportunity to work with that enthusiasm which was in the blood of our national saints who battled for our freedom; it’s the ideal opportunity for the solid duty with us for the advancement of our blessed land. We ought not to trade off on our uprightness and would not let our freedom and respectability being utilized by other overwhelming forces on the planet. 

As natives of free Pakistan, finally, I would state to all youths especially on the off chance that you think like this kind of festivity, absolutely its tedious and I would want to rest in the house. 

Allah favors our holy land, Allah favors our Pakistan! Ameen. 

Presently should I welcome Independence Day to you… … …Think about it!

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